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US cavalry saber US cavalry saber
Brand: Avalon Shop
US cavalry saber, 19th century (replica).With hand-forged bright carbon steel blade. The handle section was made of brass.The blade is not sharpened. Including sheath.Details:- Total length: approx. 107.0 cm- Blade length: approx. 91.5 cm- max. blade width: approx. 3.0 cm- Impact edge: approx. 1.0 m..
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Bastard sword SK-B Bastard sword SK-B
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Bastard sword with scabbard, for exhibition combat, SK-BLate medieval and renaissance swords that are longer than a one-handed sword are called bastard swords. Mostly they are swords with one and a half hands.This battle-ready reconstruction is made exclusively by hand. The straight, twisted crossgu..
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Celtic long sword Celtic long sword
Brand: Avalon Shop
Celtic long sword with scabbardThe original of this decorative replica of a Celtic long sword comes from the first century BC (La Tène period).The blade is forged from spring steel and the beautiful, elaborately decorated handle depicts a warrior and is cast from brass.The sword comes with a matchin..
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Templar Sword with scabbard Templar Sword with scabbard
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Templar Sword. Double-edged steel blade, in which sharp narrowing towards the tip which is very sharp, effective shots in the stalk. The hilt has brass-plated metal cross with arms bent at its ends anchored cropped on both sides, while the handle truncated cone is covered in leather brown. Finally,..
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Bastard medieval sword SK-B Bastard medieval sword SK-B
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Suitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful, well-balanced hand and a half sword has a hardened spring steel blade tempered to approx. 48-50 HRC, which is forged through to the pommel and riveted there at the end of the handle.The pronounced fuller runs almost to the tip of the blade and gives the ..
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Briquet - French Infantry saber Briquet - French Infantry saber
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Infantry saber model BriquetThis saber of the French infantry was widespread in Napoleon's time in almost all of Europe. The famous commander hereby established the tradition of sabrage, the cutting of champagne bottles after a battle won in 1812.The French name briquet means fire steel and was prob..
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British cavalry sword British cavalry sword
Brand: Avalon Shop
British cavalry sword from 1908 with scabbardThe 1908 Cavalry Sword was the last service sword to be issued as standard equipment to the cavalry troops of the British Army - at a time when attacks on horseback had become largely obsolete and swords were rarely used as combat weapons. However, it was..
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German Gothic Armour Functional German Gothic Armour Functional
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Gothic armor completely portable and functional. Gothic armor includes all parts of the armature, which are shown in the image. Gothic armor consists of the following parts: 1 - Helmet Sallet in use by the heavy cavalry in the Late Middle Ages (thickness to choose from: 1.5 mm, 2 mm - steel helm..
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German lion's head saber German lion's head saber
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Brand: Avalon Shop
German lion's head parade saber, officer's saber with steel scabbardA German parade saber - also known as a lion's head saber due to its special pommel shape.Sabers with a lion's head pommel were a standard part of the uniform of officers in the Prussian and German military. They were represented in..
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Halsberg - ULFBERTH Halsberg - ULFBERTH
Brand: Avalon Shop
HalsbergHandcrafted from 1.6mm thick steel. The gorget is foldable.A leather strap with a buckle is attached on the back. The Halsberge can thus be adjusted individually.The edges are flanged, which minimizes the risk of injury.Details:- Material: made of 1.6 mm thick steel- Max height: approx. 18 c..
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Imperial sword Saint Mauritius (Vienna) Imperial sword Saint Mauritius (Vienna)
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Mauritius (Vienna) sword, imperial sword with scabbard, 12th century.This beautiful medieval sword is a replica of the imperial sword of the Holy Roman Empire. Since it is traced back to Saint Mauritius, it is also known as the sword of Mauritius. This sword is one of the components of the imperial ..
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Irish Gaelic one-handed sword Irish Gaelic one-handed sword
Brand: Avalon Shop
Irish Gaelic one-handed sword, for light combat, SK-BThis one-handed Irish Gaelic sword features a hardened, lightweight high-carbon steel blade with blunt, thicker edges and a rounded point.The ring pommel, which is typical and characteristic of Irish medieval swords, and the wing-like parrying ele..
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