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Templar Armour Templar Armour
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Functional and wearable Medieval Templar Knight Armor, it is a true piece of Armor of rare beauty. Reproduction of a functional Templar armor takes up the models of the fifteenth century that recall the symbolism of the Templars, both in the pan helmet generally used by the Crusaders in the Holy Lan..
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Captain America Metal Shield Captain America Metal Shield
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Captain America Deluxe Metal Shield for fans of this popular superhero! The back of the shield has two straps that go on your arm for easy holding. It measures approximately 21.65 -inches in diameter. Weighs 6.8 pounds...
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Viking helmet, old hemispherical dome or  cupola  with fixed nasal, median strip arranged in antero-posterior and all'ingiro hoops along the border. Of Nordic origin, released later in Western Europe in the infantry until the mid-fourteenth century. The Viking Gjermundbu-Helmet is ..
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Viking Helmet Gjermundbu Viking Helmet Gjermundbu
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Viking Helmet Gjermundbu, the original of this helmet was found Gjermundbu, with the body of a Viking warrior buried with his armor and sword. Viking helmet characterized by a hemispherical cap visor to protect your nose. Made entirely of steel, handmade with nasal riveted to the front edge and ..
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Viking Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor Viking Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor
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Viking helmet semi-spherical, with a metal mask to protect the eyes and nose, made entirely of steel, handmade, adjustable leather inner shell for improved comfort. helm of Nordic origin, spread across Western Europe followed the infantry until the middle of the fourteenth century. Made entirely of ..
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Burgonet Helmet for armor Burgonet Helmet for armor
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The 16th Century Bourguignotte Helmet, is a mixture of salad and barbute, is a helmet that leaves the face uncovered with a characteristic crest (more or less pronounced depending on the model), equipped with a crest and articulated ear cups.Medieval Bourguignotte helmet made by hand in fully endors..
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The Iron Chapel is a medieval helmet most used in the Middle Ages, in use in the 13th and 14th centuries, protects the entire skull with an edge offered good protection against blows coming from above. The iron chapel does not did not interfere with sight or breathing, which is why horsemen sometime..
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Typical European horse helmet of the sixteenth century, worn by men-usually in combination with full armor. Equipped with movable visor slit for the eyes, a fan mounted on a swivel and has holes for ventilation, as well as to barbozza opened. Made entirely of iron, handmade and wearable. Mad..
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Templier Brass Ring
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Ring Templar Order enamel has been reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity of iconography. The ring is made of brass, wrought in relief on three sides where you played the Templar cross painted in red enamel on a white background, a symbol of order, and in..
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Medieval Combat Helmet with hinged visor. Openable also from the bottom. Equipped with separate padded bonnet. Typical European horse helmet of the sixteenth century, worn by men-usually in combination with full armor. Equipped with movable visor slit for the eyes, a fan mounted on a swivel ..
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Prussian Pickelhaube, 1889 Cuirassier Spiked Helmet, steelReplica of an original 1889 Prussian cuirassier helmet, also known as Pickelhaube.The ornamental front plate shows the heraldic Prussian eagle with the scroll inscription Mit Gott für König und Vaterland (With God for King and Fatherland) and..
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Helmet Templar of the second half of the thirteenth century. Big Head protection air plates, bowls shaped pavilion with wraparound shoeing reinforcing a "cross", the view from the air is allowed between the front and visor, with which I practiced air vents. Made entirely of wrought iron hand. Al..
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