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Viking Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor

Viking Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor

Viking helmet, old hemispherical dome or  cupola  with fixed nasal, median strip arranged in antero-posterior and all'ingiro hoops along the border.

Of Nordic origin, released later in Western Europe in the infantry until the mid-fourteenth century.

The Viking Gjermundbu-Helmet is so named for the eyepieces in brass formed integrally with the nasal.

The helmets were usually worn with a coif and a chain coif.

Replica of a close helmet Fully battle-ready and authentic.

The helmet is made of sheet steel and got a comfortable liner from leather with a chin strap.

We offer this helmet in four sizes:

- Available in four sizes (S - M - L and XL) 
- Thickness of the steel to choose 1mm -2mm -(16 ga -14 ga).
- Finish: untreated (slightly oiled)
- Adjustable liner with chin straps is included.

 Delivery time: 5-12 days.


Viking Helmet is produced by highly skilled artisans in Italy, equipped with leather straps and external adjustable buckles to be worn.

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