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Tinker Bastard sword SK-A

Tinker Bastard sword SK-A
Tinker Bastard sword SK-A
Tinker Bastard sword SK-A
Tinker Bastard sword SK-A
Tinker Bastard sword SK-A

Tinker Bastard sword with performance blade

Michael 'Tinker' Pearce has designed a range of 5160 steel Hanwei swords that combine authenticity, functionality and performance.

To meet the different needs of Western martial artists, each of the seven swords, all of which offer excellent handling, has a sharp and a blunt version. Carefully marquenching the (Tinker's preferred) 5160 steel results in an excellent balance of strength and flexibility with a Rockwell hardness of 50-52 HRC.

This allows for greater edge strength on the sharp blades, while preventing burr formation on the blunt models and ensuring the safety-related flexibility of the tip.

Replacement blades are available for each sword type in this series, with the exception of the Early Viking Sword. A key feature of Tinker's designs is that the blades are interchangeable. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a complete sword plus a spare blade to use both the sharp and the blunt version.

All Long Swords, Bastard Swords and Early Medieval Swords feature Tinker's special socket nut mounting system, which allows for easy blade changes with an Allen key and ensures the hilt stays securely attached.

The hand and a half swords (Oakeshott Type XVIIIA) are constructed in such a way that the sharp and blunt versions both fit the hand equally. In both training and combat, the swords feel and behave identically. In the blunt version, the blade tip provides the flexibility required for safety. The rounded pommel is designed to double as a second hand grip when needed, and the straight crossguard provides excellent hand protection.

The handle features a hardwood core that is cord wrapped, leather wrapped, and steel fittings. A leather covered sheath is included.

Main features:

- heat treated 5160 spring steel (hot bath hardening)

- dismountable

- Tinker tested


- Total length: approx. 108 cm

- Blade length: approx. 85 cm

- Handle length: approx. 23 cm

- Weight: about 1077g

- Manufacturer item number: SH2401

The specifications above may vary slightly from sword to sword.

Additionally available:

- Replacement blade for Tinker Bastard sword - combat version (item number HN-OH2403)

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