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Ax of Ragnar Lothbrok

Ax of Ragnar Lothbrok
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Ax of Ragnar Lothbrok


Steel ax with wooden and leather handle, fitted with a wooden wall panel , Inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok's ax from the Vikings series.

Ragnar Lothbrok is a mighty and legendary Viking hero, warrior, and explorer, king of Kattegat and founder of the house of Lothbrok.

He is guided not only by the will to fight and by the lust for glory, but above all by his thirst for knowledge and by a curious and open-minded character to the world.

Ragnar Lothbroks' favorite weapon, his axe, was instrumental in his rise from farmer to jarl and finally from jarl to king. Led by Odin and convinced that they were destined for something higher, Ragnar and his warriors raided and pillaged England and beyond.

This ax was used in all of his raids and was key to his victory over Jarl Haraldson in Season 1's epic battle. Ragnar's favorite ax is rarely far from him.

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