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Sword of Alexander the Great - Limited Edition Sword of Alexander the Great - Limited Edition
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Brand: Marto
Sword of Alexander the Great, Limited Edition, MartoAlexander III of Macedonia, called Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, born July 21, 356 BC. Chr.Conqueror of the Persian Empire. Regarded as the supreme political figure of antiquity, a great military strategist and the creator of a work of gr..
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Viking double axe Viking double axe
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Brand: Marto
Early medieval double axeHand-forged Viking ax with a heavy double blade made of high-quality carbon steel.Including two genuine leather blade protectors and a solid wooden handle.The blade is slightly sharpened. Battle-ready when dulled.Details:- Ax head material: carbon steel- Total length: approx..
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Ax of Ragnar Lothbrok
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Brand: Marto
AX OF RAGNAR - 66 CmSteel ax with wooden and leather handle, fitted with a wooden wall panel , Inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok's ax from the Vikings series.Ragnar Lothbrok is a mighty and legendary Viking hero, warrior, and explorer, king of Kattegat and founder of the house of Lothbrok.He is guided not..
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Bearded ax Bearded ax
-32 %
Brand: Marto
Bearded ax with wooden shaftDecorative bearded ax with shaft made of ash wood and ax head made of steel.Details:- Total length: approx. 71 cm- Max width: approx. 18 cm- Leaf length: approx. 31 cm- Material thickness of the sheet: approx. 2 mm- Weight: about 1.1kgPlease note:This item is for sale onl..
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Excalibur gold sword Excalibur gold sword
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Brand: Marto
Excalibur is the most accepted name of King Arthur's legendary sword, to which different extraordinary properties have been attributed.There are several theories regarding the origin of its name. One of the most accepted is that it comes from the Latin "EX Calce Liberatus", "Freed from the Stone". O..
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Brand: Marto
Miniature replica of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur of Britain, donated to the king, according to legend, Lady of the Lake from the cutter blade has a steel and cast metal hilt. Total length 29 cm.  ..
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high-carbon steel halberd
New -20 %
Brand: Marto
Halberd with shaftHand-forged high-carbon steel halberd.Details:- Blade material: carbon steel- Height: approx. 41 cm- Width: approx. 13 cm- Supplied with screwed shaft made of solid ash wood, screwed approx. in the middle- Total length: approx. 180 cmPlease note:This item is for sale only to person..
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Knights Templar Costume
-26 %
Brand: Marto
Knights Templar Costume (dress 100% cotton) complete with a white tunic and cape, accompanied by both a red cross sewn license.   Accessories (camaglio iron and belt) is not included! Typical attire of a knight of the Templar (1118-1314). the monastic knightly Order of the Knights Temp..
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Brand: Marto
Fine miniature reproduction of a bust standing on a pedestal, equipped with a cuirass ornated with large relief figures, crested helmet and large oval shield with Medusa's head, realized in classical style, that is inspired to the antiquity and worn in occasion of parades. Bust and pedestal are made..
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Templar Knight Cloak Templar Knight Cloak
-10 %
Brand: Marto
Templar Knight Cloak - This elegant heavyweight 100% cotton cloak is made to withstand any mishap.A drawstring secures the cape in front.It has a large red cross on the left side and a red inner lining.One sizeTemplar Knight Cloak - Red LiningThis long Knight Templar cloak is one of the heaviest and..
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Templar Tabard Templar Tabard
-25 %
Brand: Marto
Templar TabardThis calf-length tunic is made of a polyester-wool blend and has a cotton lining. It is slightly flared and slit in the middle.The tabard or surcoat (also surcote, German: Wappenrock, Waffenrock or Waffenkleid) came up in the 12th century and was worn by many crusaders over their armou..
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