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Knights Armor

Knights Armor
Knights Armor
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Knights Armor
Knights Armor
Knights Armor

Armor medieval (burnished) XV century, made of steel easy to wear and completely handmade comes with a wooden base.

Armor of this type were created by the master armourers of Milan in the first half of 1500, commissioned by nobles and chieftains from all over Europe.

The armor is complete, dimensions: 185 x 85 x 43 cm. Weight: 35 kg. The armor is designed for the protection of the head, trunk, upper limbs and lower limbs.

The armor is made up of:

- Large basin type helmet, combat version.

- Gorget, neck protection.

- Left and right pauldrons, shoulder protection.

- Left and right armbands

- Two-piece gauntlets articulate left and right, metal glove

- Left and right leg guards, full leg protection, consisting of the following parts:

- thigh or bib shorts: protection of the thighs;

- knee pad: knee protection;

- strike: protection of the tibia;

- soleret: foot protection (left and right);

- wooden support and base.

The sword is not included but can be purchased separately.

Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: burnished

Production time: 14 - 21 working days

All our armors are handmade by expert blacksmiths and Italian craftsmen, who have handed down this art for generations.

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