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Roman Gladius (Pompei)

Roman Gladius (Pompei)
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Roman Gladius (Pompei)

Roman Gladius (Pompei), the classic short sword of the Roman Empire, named after an original that was found in the ruins of Pompeii (dating back to 79 AD). This faithful reproduction of a painting is based on Warriors Michael Simkins' of Rome, even if all components, including hilt, are made by hand. The guard oval and flattened and the pommel are carved wooden ball with a cover plate brass inserts, the handle is made of bone. The blade is heat treated for maximum flexibility and cutting performance. This sword, unlike many others on the market, has a shank that has been treated and screwed for extra strength.


- Blade material: high carbon steel 

- Overall length: approx. 67 cm 

- Blade length: approx. 48 cm 

- Handle length: approx. 19 cm 

- Weight: approx. 710 g 

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