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Medieval Teutonic Armor

Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
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Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor
Medieval Teutonic Armor

Fully wearable and functional Templar armor. The Templar armor, takes up the fifteenth-century models, recalling the symbolism of the Templars, both in the helmet (Gran Elmo) generally used by the Crusaders in the Holy Land, and in the decorations of the breastplate of the helmet full of crosses and Templar symbols. The reproduction of a Templar armor belonged to the army. Templar armor with potato cross, cross of the Order of the Temple.

 This Templar armor is a true piece of rare beauty.

The Templar Armor is composed of:

- Large helmet - Templar cross helmet that offers full head protection.

- Gorget in chain mail.

- Shoulder straps adorned with reliefs to protect the shoulders, this piece of armor covers the shoulders and is anchored to the chest with leather straps and buckles.

- Medieval armor weapons, typical of 15th century armor.

-Functional medieval breastplate, these medieval armor parts to protect the trunk of the body, such as medieval armor, consisting of breastplate (front and back),

- Two-piece gloves with left and right zipper, metal glove (can be replaced with another type of your choice).

- Left and right leggings, for total protection of the legs, consisting of the following parts: - thigh or thigh: protection of the thighs; - knee brace: knee protection; - strike: protection of the tibia; - soleret: foot protection (left and right).

- Wooden base and support. (Size of the wooden base: 49 x 40 x11 cm.)

- Templar armor is functional, not included in the price: Templar sword, Templar spear, shield and cloak sold separately on request.

 Templar armor characterized by a high level of finish. Completely Italian manufacturing.

This exceptional reproduction of the Templar armor is made according to the tradition of the Milanese master craftsmen, who created the originals for the knights who used them in battles or parades. This approved and articulated Medieval Knight Armor has a brushed steel finish, a reproduction of the original medieval armor pattern that can be seen today in museum collections around the world.


- Material: polished steel (transparent)

- steel thickness: 1.2 mm.

- The armor is made to measure, delivery time: 14 days.

All of our medieval armor reproductions and therefore also this medieval armor are faithful historical reproductions of medieval combat armor, can be worn for re-enactment events and make up your ideal armor. The hand-worked armours adapt to different sizes, thanks to leather straps, adjustable external buckles, they can be made to measure. These are hand-forged armor with steel blades and with old production processes, such as bending and polishing, the thickness can be chosen from the following measures: 1mm-1,2mm-1,5mm

In the Middle Ages there was a large center for the production of armor in Italy where skilled artisans created armor for knights that they adopted in combat, during ceremonies or parades. The first to make plate armor were the Italian gunsmiths of Milan. Over the centuries German and French artisans have succeeded, adding relief decorations. Note the difference in detail between this armor and other armor made elsewhere: the comparison does not hold up.

Medieval Knight armor entirely made of steel and handcrafted by Italian artisans, equipped with leather straps with adjustable external buckles to be stamped.

Made of manually worked steel and fully rotatable, sold with wooden support and base.

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