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Medieval sword Oakeshott - SK-B sword Medieval sword Oakeshott - SK-B sword
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Medieval one-handed sword Oakeshott type XIIa with scabbard, 13th centurySuitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful one-handed sword is based on a sword that is attributed to Konrad von Thuringia, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights from 1239 to 1240. The original piece, classified as Type XIIa a..
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Medieval Sword Scabbard with Belt, LeatherThis handsome sword scabbard is handmade from vegetable tanned, approx. 3 mm thick leather, and adorned with cross-stitches on the back. It is reinforced with an additional layer of leather at the tip and at the mouth. The opening is approx. 4.8 cm wide.The ..
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Medieval two-handed sword SK-B Medieval two-handed sword SK-B
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Late medieval longsword with scabbard, 15th century - National Museum Zurich, SwitzerlandSuitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful two-handed sword is a replica of a late medieval longsword from around 1450-1460, classified as Type XVa according to the Oakeshott typology and can be admired in the..
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High-Medieval Sword with Scabbard, practical bluntReplica of a high-medieval one-handed sword with a pommel is based upon the type of sword that  was already used by the Normans during the Crusades.Made entirely by hand,  the straight crossguard and the pommel are of heat-treated malleable..
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Norman One-Handed Sword, practical blunt, SK-BIn the 10th century the Normans, direct successors of the Vikings put down roots in North France. Though now settled, in regard of bellicosity, courage and fortune of war, they were equal to their Norse forfathers. Hence it's not surprising that of all h..
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One-handed sword SK-B One-handed sword SK-B
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Late medieval one-handed sword including scabbard, 14th centuryRoyal ArmouriesSuitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful one-handed sword is a replica of a late medieval sword dating to around 1310 AD, classified as Type XVIIIa on the Oakeshott typology and displayed in the Royal Armories.This rep..
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Sankt Annen Arming Sword with Scabbard Sankt Annen Arming Sword with Scabbard
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Sankt Annen Arming Sword with Scabbard, 12th CenturyThe one-handed sword we offer here is patterned after a 12 c. original belonging to the collection of the St. Annen Museum in Lübeck, Germany.Classified as an Oakeshott type XII, this single-handed, double-edged arming sword shows the typical chara..
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Scottish claymore sword Scottish claymore sword
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Scottish claymore swordThe claymore is a two-handed sword common in Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are various names and spellings for this sword, most of which are Gaelic: Claidhem-More, Claidhmhichean-mora, Glaymore, claidheamh mòr, which simply means great sword.It is a long two-h..
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Spanish Swept-Hilt Rapier with ScabbardThe rapier first appeared around 1500 and remained the sword of choice of the European gentry and bourgeoisie until the late 17th century. Primarily designed as a thrusting weapon (yet still quite efficient at cutting and slashing), this one-handed, usually dou..
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Torino Rapier antiquedBased on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian ancestry, the Hanwei Torino Rapier exhibits the classic straight crossguard styling popular in this part of Europe. The rapier features classical lines, with a high-carbon steel flex-tempered blade, a stainless steel..
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Viking Sword Viking Sword
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Viking Sword, Type Petersen D, Gnezdovo, C-2 Barrow, 10th C.This gorgeous, one-handed Viking Age sword is based upon a find discovered in 1950 on the archaeological complex of Gnёzdovo, near Smolensk, Russia, during the excavation of the C-2 burial mound. Dated between the 9th and 10th c., and class..
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Viking sword - Fighting sword SK-B Viking sword - Fighting sword SK-B
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Viking sword (Copenhagen National Museum) with scabbard, 10th century, battle sword SK-BInspired by a 10th-century sword in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, this sword features a blunt carbon steel blade. The blade itself is wide and has a wide fuller, which reduces its weight considera..
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