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Hauberk, butted, ID8mm, blackened This mesh of this chain mail consists of round, unriveted rings. The surface of the rings is blackened and offers a quite good protection against corrosion. We call this particular mesh BMSB (Butted Mild Steel Blackened). This high-quality and handmade chain m..
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Iron armor with helmet
Armor and helmet with steel wall bracket...
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Knee boots
Knee boots soft leather boots long boots to the knee soft leather with turn-in mutton. boots with brass buckles and rubber sole to prevent slipping. Barbarian boots with round toe (as shown in the picture) or with slight triangular tip (as shown in high boots). Materials: Soft brown or black..
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Lake Neuchâtel Arming Sword Lake Neuchâtel Arming Sword
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Lake Neuchâtel Arming Sword with Scabbard, 13th CenturyThis decorative one-handed sword is a replica of a remarkably well-preserved late 13. c. archaeological piece recovered from the Lake Neuchâtel (German: Neuenburgersee), Switzerland. The original find now belongs to the collection of the Swiss N..
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Lübeck Arming Sword Lübeck Arming Sword
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Lübeck Arming Sword with Scabbard, 13th CenturyThis single-handed, double-edged sword, which shows the typical characteristics of the swords wielded by the Crusaders in the high Middle Ages, is a reconstruction of an Oakeshott type XII find dated to the13th century and kept at the St. Annen Museum i..
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Reproduction of a Medieval crown, wearable, entirely made of brass, handmade. Dimensions: 19.50 x 17 cm Circumference: 60 cm Lends itself to divere measures because it is adjustable..
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Ring collar, 15th centuryproduced by hand.Production time: 10 working daysRing collar, 15th century Ring collar, 15th centuryRing collarThe ring collar or armored collar is the connecting element between the torso and the armor for the head.Leather straps with bucklesMaterial: steel, leather straps,..
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Medieval Knight Armour - battle-ready Medieval Knight Armour - battle-ready
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Armour introduced into use in the Middle Ages as defensive covering worn in combat. This is a reconstruction of  Medieval Knight Armour, battle-ready,  from the late 14th Century. It’s handmade from sheet steel. All pieces are articulated, so it is wearable. Medieval Knight Armour..
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Medieval Shield smooth the edges with reinforced rivets ornament. From wield. Made entirely by hand and brushed wrought iron. He structure, different sizes and shapes depending on use, and also varied local preferences. Weight: 2,056 g - cm 70 x 40 x 8..
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Medieval Single Ball Mace. Weapon hit articulated with high impact, mainly used in central Europe between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries. Used in close combat to hit when it was no longer possible to use the spear or sword. Wooden handle national hardboard, with leather threaded handle. A heads..
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Medieval Teutonic Armor Medieval Teutonic Armor
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Fully wearable and functional Templar armor. The Templar armor, takes up the fifteenth-century models, recalling the symbolism of the Templars, both in the helmet (Gran Elmo) generally used by the Crusaders in the Holy Land, and in the decorations of the breastplate of the helmet full of crosses and..
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Medieval Teutonic Armor Medieval Teutonic Armor
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Templar armor made of dark steel, burnished pieces- Templar helmet -Templar crossed helmet that offers complete protection of the head.- Gorget in chain mail.- Spaulders adorned with reliefs in shoulder protection, this piece of armor covers the shoulders and are anchored to the breastplates by mean..
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