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Norman Sword with Scabbard SK-C Norman Sword with Scabbard SK-C
Norman Sword with Scabbard, practical blunt SK-CThe Battle of Hastings in 1066 sealed the final defeat of the Anglo-Saxons against the Normans, who crowned hereupon William the Conqueror as their new king; a cruel genocidal maniac by modern standards who was responsible for the "harrying of the Nort..
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Roman Folding Stool Roman Folding Stool
Roman Folding StoolThis replica of an Roman campaign stool is foldable and thus easy to transport and stow. The seat is made of sturdy leather.The original piece on which it is based is on display a the Weissenburg museum in Bavaria, Germany.Details:- Material: steel, leather- Seat height: approx. 5..
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Round Shield with Steel Fittings Round Shield with Steel Fittings
Round Shield with Steel Fittings- Battle-Ready -Wooden round shield with steel boss and fittings, approx. 1.2 mm steel.The back is covered in fabric, the steel handle is padded and wrapped in suede leather.Details:- Diameter: approx. 55 cm- Material thickness: approx. 1.4 cm- Weight: approx. 3.2 kg..
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Saint George Belt Saint George Belt
Medieval Knight's Belt Saint George, Leather with Brass Fittings, various coloursThis elegant medieval belt is named after Saint George (George of Lydda) , his veneration as a Great Martyr spread throughout the Middle East and Europe over the centuries. By the time of the crusades (11th/12th c.), Sa..
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Sandals fantasy-medieval
Sandals fantasy-medieval greased leather and rubber sole to prevent slipping. Materials: brown leather, rubber. Notes: Skin color subject to possible variations in color, more information in the page dedicated to the tissues. - Notes: Available in all sizes (custom). - Production time: 14 days...
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Scandinavian with Tin-Plated Brass Hilt, Damascus Steel BladeThis beautiful Sword is modeled on a finely crafted, richly adorned find excavated from a boat grave on a ship burial site near Uppsala, Sweden. Owing to its sumptuous, intricate detailing, the original archaeological piece is believe..
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Scimitar from the first half of the eighteenth century. The curved blade, a cutting edge, decorated with oriental arabesques and symbols, is made of steel. The handle ends in a brass-plated metal knob-headed dragon, while the guard is curved in the form of carved griffin serpiforme. Total length 90 ..
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Scottish Templar sword, with scabbard Scottish Templar sword, with scabbard
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Scottish Templar sword, with scabbardThis decorative Knights Templar one-handed sword has a double-edged blade made of EN45 spring steel with a wide, long fuller. The cutting edges of this one-handed sword are not sharpened. The end-to-end blade tang is riveted to the pommel and the handle with a wo..
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Stocco of the fifteenth century, most probably of English origin, produced according to the original kept at the Wallace Collection in Scotland. Known as the "Shrewsbury" from the name of the place where in 1403 King Henry IV defeated the rebel barons led by Sir Henry Percy. It has the typical s..
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Templar armor Templar armor
-24 %
Reproduction of a Templar Armor, incorporates the 15th century models, recalling the symbolism of the Templars, both in the pentolare helmet generally used by the Crusaders in the Holy Land and in the decorations of the helmet breastplate full of crosses and symbols templars. This Templar Armor..
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Was depicted as the seal of the Templars, a horse ridden by two riders who stood for the initial poverty of the riders who were forced to go two on one horse and the universal duality of things, which draws their own ideal, ie peaceful coexistence in the Holy Land Christian and Islamic culture. ..
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Thigh boots
Thigh boots soft leather boots long boots to the thigh soft leather with turn-in mutton. boots with brass buckles and rubber sole to prevent slipping. Barbarian boots with round toe (as shown in the picture) or with slight triangular tip (as shown in high boots). Materials: Soft brown or bla..
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