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Spanish Swept-Hilt Rapier with ScabbardThe rapier first appeared around 1500 and remained the sword of choice of the European gentry and bourgeoisie until the late 17th century. Primarily designed as a thrusting weapon (yet still quite efficient at cutting and slashing), this one-handed, usually dou..
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Sword of the Knights Templar Sword of the Knights Templar
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Sword of the Knights Templar (Militaris Templi) including scabbardSuitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful Templar sword has a spring steel blade tempered to approximately 48-50 HRC, engraved with the inscription MILITARIS TEMPLI on one side.It is forged up to the pommel and riveted there to the..
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Tinker Bastard sword SK-A Tinker Bastard sword SK-A
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Tinker Bastard sword with performance bladeMichael 'Tinker' Pearce has designed a range of 5160 steel Hanwei swords that combine authenticity, functionality and performance.To meet the different needs of Western martial artists, each of the seven swords, all of which offer excellent handling, has a ..
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Torino Rapier antiquedBased on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian ancestry, the Hanwei Torino Rapier exhibits the classic straight crossguard styling popular in this part of Europe. The rapier features classical lines, with a high-carbon steel flex-tempered blade, a stainless steel..
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U.S. Heavy Cavalry sword U.S. Heavy Cavalry sword
Brand: Avalon Shop
U.S. Heavy Cavalry sword with steel scabbardDuring the American Civil War (or Civil War, 1861-1865), swords and sabers were not exclusively produced on American soil, but were also imported en masse from Europe by both the Union and Confederate States. This explains why there are many variations of ..
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Viking Sword Viking Sword
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Viking Sword, Type Petersen D, Gnezdovo, C-2 Barrow, 10th C.This gorgeous, one-handed Viking Age sword is based upon a find discovered in 1950 on the archaeological complex of Gnёzdovo, near Smolensk, Russia, during the excavation of the C-2 burial mound. Dated between the 9th and 10th c., and class..
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Viking sword (Copenhagen National Museum) with scabbard, 10th century, battle sword SK-BInspired by a 10th-century sword in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, this sword features a blunt carbon steel blade. The blade itself is wide and has a wide fuller, which reduces its weight considera..
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Viking Sword with Scabbard, 11th CenturyBattle-Ready (Practical Blunt), SK-BThe battle-ready single-handed sword we offer here is an interpretation of a Viking sword from the 11th century. This type of sword (Oakeshott Type X) represents the transition from the Viking sword to the medieval or knight..
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Wearable Medieval Armor Wearable Medieval Armor
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Wearable medieval armor (shiny), characterized by patches of smooth, rounded and composed of a riding helmet with a ridge tile spheroid low. Fans raised on the nose, right where they are docked 1 +8 vents placed rosettes. View prominent forehead, cracked eye backward, rivets and coietto insurance. H..
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Wooden sword stand - 24 swordsThis sturdy solid wood stand is great for placing your swords.The holder, which can be equipped on both sides, offers space for a total of 24 swords, daggers or axes.The sword stand is therefore also very suitable as a display for the medieval shop, the market stall or ..
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barbarian boots
Brand: Avalon Shop
Barbarian boots soft leather with turn-in mutton. boots with brass buckles and rubber sole to prevent slipping. Barbarian boots with round toe (as shown in the picture) or with slight triangular tip (as shown in high boots). Materials: Soft brown or black cowhide, sheepskin or lambskin leath..
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The "bacinetto" was a type of helmet of Italian origin used in medieval Europe (14th century). It is distinguished by the pointed shape, slightly tilted back, of the tile. Unlike the cervelliera, his archetype, the pelvis was equipped with a camaglio attached to the tile and not to be worn under the..
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