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Templar Seal Stamp

Templar Seal Stamp
Templar Seal Stamp

Templar Seal has been reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity iconography. Among the best known and most popular symbols of the Knights Templar, who was sketching in two riding the same horse. This emblem would represent the spirit of brotherhood and poverty that had characterized the Order since its foundation. It also had another meaning, a deeper level: it is symbolic of the duplicity inherent in the nature of the Order, the monastic and warrior, and in that of man, human to divine. The article is manufactured in metal alloy, with the wooden handle of beech. The record of the stamp measures 25 mm in diameter, while the height of the stamp measuring 11.5 cm. In the package is delivered the certificate of guarantee and a bar of red wax stamp weighing 40 grams.

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