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Legend of Sword Highlander

Legend of Sword Highlander
Legend of Sword Highlander

The Legend of Highlander Duncan MacLeod said that he was in possession of one of these precious swords beating opponents in a tournament Royal Fencing wanted by Louis XIV. The story goes that the king was so impressed by the exceptional talent of Duncan instructed his staff to forge a gunsmith Colichemarde according to the instructions of the same Duncan.

From the moment he was delivered, became his most prized. The Best of Highlander "has a steel blade, broad in the first third and then narrows to the remaining length assuming a section tricuspidata. The hilt consists of a hand guard to shell Gold plated blue enamel engraved and gilded metal bridge fetlock.

The knob is always in gold metal in the form of thistle flower, while the handle is covered in red leather adorned with golden inserts.

Total length 110 cm.

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